Check out the “new” Brewery and Appetizer Menu

– Buffalo Chicken Dip – warm and cheesy served with tortilla chips 8.95
-Brewers Board – Reserve cheddar, Buffalo deviled eggs, spent grain crackers and a Petite bread boule filled with veggie dip and accompanied by rye toast points 9.95
– Half Pound Steamed Shrimp – Maryland style, steamed in Sunshine and Hoppiness and Old Bay, shell on and served with zesty cocktail sauce 10.95
– Bucket of Balls – Maryland crab cake balls served with assorted dipping sauces – 9.95
– Bread Boule – filled and baked with “Blissed Out Stoke” cheese dip, served with fresh baked Heart of Lothian pretzels and garlic oil toasted points 9.95

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